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Нефер Митанни  

от: 10-09-2016 09 : 47

От ваших рисунков я в восторге! Это действительно настоящая сказка. Особенно полюбились козявки - миленькие очаровашки, приносящие улыбку и радость. Спасибо вам!

swerwer  E-mail: ferguspantom@mail.ru  

от: 02-09-2016 15 : 07


Pam Chaney  E-mail: Headpnut416@yahoo.co  

от: 10-08-2016 07 : 02

I'm from the United States. Your work is lovely. I think that you should sell prints. I know that I would be interested in buying, framing and hanging on my wall. You could sell on Etsy.

Марина  E-mail: rainbow1802@mail.ru  

от: 05-07-2016 12 : 49

Я всегда восхищалась людьми, которые умеют так красиво рисовать. Ваши арты прекрасны, Линмида! Особенно восхищаюсь ведьмочками и портретами различных персонажей! Желаю бесконечного творческого вдохновения!


от: 25-06-2016 09 : 58

jolies illustrations

Marie Alline  E-mail: mariealline@yahoo.co  

от: 25-06-2016 05 : 54

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art! I have not found one that I did not fall in love with! Your fairy bugs are amazing! I look at them and laugh because they are so darn cute and I cry because they remind me so much of my childhood! I appreciate them so much!

Hugs, Marie Alline

Marie Snyder  E-mail: lagemaz@yahoo.com  

от: 18-05-2016 02 : 21

Your fairy bugs brought me back to my child hood. Little fairies found in every flower. Dandelion wishes come true. Thank yo fro sharing your wonderful art!

J. Hartweger  

от: 15-05-2016 20 : 35

Hello. I just wanted to say that I saw your fairy tale inspired drawings on someone's website and absolutely fell in love with them. Are any up for sale by chance? Also, I couldn't put my email in because it wasn't allowing me. My email though is, wildchild132@yahoo.com

linda hacker  E-mail: lhacker43@gmail.com  

от: 14-05-2016 17 : 55

very beautiful fairy tale illustrations. Do you sell prints of your drawings, or cards,perhaps?

Maria  E-mail: mtthieme@msn.com  

от: 13-05-2016 21 : 49

Hello, Linmida! Your illustrations are beautiful, and your characters are so charming! Would you consider making a colouring book? I believe it would be very successful. I am friends with colourists from around the world. A colouring book from you would make many colourists very happy! Take care. Maria

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